Take Stock In Children Mentoring & Scholarship


One on one mentoring with an assigned mentor who will serve as a guide, confidant, friend, ear, voice of reason, first responder, and so much more.


Tuition College scholarship earned upon graduation from high school and fulfillment of the TSIC mentoring requirements. Currently awarding 2+2 scholarships (2 years community college and 2 years 4 year college)

College Success Coaching

Regular meetings with a college success coach to keep on track with college applications and expectations.  Work with a college student who is a graduate of the program.


career exploration, college applications & decision making, financial aid applications, college tours, ACT prep, essay writing, personal budgeting, Civic engagement, and many more

Parent Involvement

Parent workshops include sessions for first generation college parents, completing FAFSA, preparing your child for success in college, timeline for college applications, helping your child choose a career, what is a good financial aid package,


2018 Applications are accepted from March 1 to April 15, 2018 and are available from the guidance counselors at the Franklin County Schools and the ABC School.  Both schools have the minimum income qualifications chart: please be sure you qualify PRIOR to completing and submitting an application.

Applications must be submitted in entirety to your guidance counselor who will forward to Dr. Catlin.